Sunday, January 5, 2014

Break is over, onto 2014

While beautiful, I don't miss the freezing cold! (Kentucky, 2009)

Baby it's cold outside...
A cold snap blowing in. Nothing below 0 degree, or snow down here, but definitely down into the teens and twenties. Quite a way to welcome back the work week. I dug out the sweaters and wool coat. And two pairs of gloves, scarf, ear muffs…(call me a weenie if you must)

 Running and running...
My excited face
I did get in two runs, but skipped one run. 67% success rate here! Yay...maybe?

6 days and counting until my halves halfs half marathons. Yes two, back to back. Saturday and then Sunday, with a three hour drive in between.
Some how I got talked into this running fun about 3 weeks ago. I kind of trained by throwing in some back to back training long runs for the last 3 weeks. Basically winging it though!
But it will be exciting, a new first!

Just take a look, it's in a book...
I have had ample reading time over the last few days. I’m in the middle of Beautiful Creatures on my Nook Simple Touch. I really like the Nook. It is light, easy to use and quick to respond. I’m a simple person. This isn’t my first e-book, but I did just upgrade to the Simple Touch when they were on sale from the original Nook and it is a good improvement.

 Should old acquaintances be forgot... 
As for my January Resolution of more Communication and Connecting it’s going pretty good. I’m answering calls, texts and Facebook postings/mesages. Chilled with our friends a couple of times. I did hide away today though. I had schemes of trying to invite some friends out to the movies today since it’s cheaper on Sunday but chickened out.
Will work on following through with my schemes and not just letting them float away.

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