Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I Did Run

Yesterday I bugged off running because it was dark out and I'm too easily talked out of things when it food time.

I made up for it today. 5 miles done.
My splits were not very encouraging though. They were up and down and all around.

Just when I'm starting to think I can pull of a sub 2 half marathon...

I'm hoping it was just left over sluggishness from lots of yummy Thanksgiving food and actually having to be at work again.

Kind of a bum other-wise though. I checked to see if the wreath I have will fit over my mailbox for decorating purposes. They are big on decorating mailboxes out here, I have to keep up with them!

Here is our happy mantle that I did get done and Christmas tree.

I am really not the greatest picture taker. I'm sure if I knew about lighting and whatever else these would look so much more awesome instead of yellow-like. 
Oh, well

Christmas lights are awesome and I so enjoy having something to look at when I run at night.

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