Monday, November 18, 2013

Tomorrow is today or some nonsense

So the whole goal setting thing, not so much.
While my break and Thanksgiving is taking forever to get here, the month of November is going really fast.
Probably because I am always saying...tomorrow...yeah, I'll do better tomorrow.

43 until the end of the year.
53 days until my half marathon.

Scary numbers for me. But still plenty of time to make an impact.

I just can't wait until tomorrow.

So I didn't. I came home, cleaned the bathroom and random stuff, had a great 4 mile run and actually trying to check things off my to-do list.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Actually Ran

Cold weather = faster running

We have a freeze warning for today into tomorrow and it is getting down into the low thirties at night and into the morning. Brrr. Especially for here.
The South has ruined me for cold weather

So I donned my hat and gloves for today’s after work run (of course still wearing shorts and a t-shirt as runners do) and there was definitely a nice icy chill in the air.

It was a great run. No sluggish feeling. No giant aches or pains. Plus, I actually had negative splits. A wonder for me because I usually do that backwards and slow down near the end, having to drag myself the last half mile.

Mile 1: 9:36
Mile 2: 9:32
Mile 3: 9:28
Mile 4: 9:10

Nothing drastic, but definitely a good step for me.

I need to get a bit more serious with my runs. Long run Saturday is no problem, but making sure I get in two mid-week runs is like pulling teeth with me. I would like to have 4 runs total for a week, but I need to start with getting 3 in regularly

Monday, November 11, 2013


Focusing and staying on goal is not going so well with me.
I think about it. Have good intentions, but when I get home it all goes out the window.


It was a great, extended, weekend though. So, Tuesday--I'm coming. A little more put together and ready to use my determination.

Lunch is packed and clothes are ready. I have managed to make that a routine. Which is a life-saver because it gets me out the door in the morning on time. And they are very much habit now. There is hope for the rest of my goals I'm trying to accomplish--I know I can create now habits and stick to them!