Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Working Out Wednesday

So for the month of September, the husband and I dragged ourselves through some 'diets'
My deal was to give up the majority of carbs and add all the fruits and vegetables I could stomach.

I had a few freak out moments where I walked around the house pulling my hair to try to keep myself from cramming a whole box of crackers in my mouth....
But for the most part it went pretty well.

Breakfast and lunch were a breeze. Eggs galore, plus a banana. And I pack my lunch for work the night before so I can only eat what I pack. Night time was MUCH harder. I mean the carbs and breads and graham crackers were sitting right there calling to me. I am such a muncher too.
Nom Nom Nom
We made it though, and it all worked out for the better. We are both down a few pounds and feel proud of ourselves. Hopefully I will keep adding more veggies/fruit to my usual diet. We now consider what veggie each dinner will have and add in a vegetables to meals with usually do without. (Like red beans and rice, tacos, pasta)
Also I am going to add more exercise in to help balance out adding the happy carb back into my life. Because I love potatoes and bread.

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