Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Warm-Up

How is it the middle of October already?!
The days are slow, but the years go fast. Or so it seems. Unless it is Sunday. Sunday is NEVER long enough.

How I did this week:
*Got oil changed
*Made my doctor/dentist appointments
*Had a fabulous day off on Thursday
*Finished my book (City of Bones)
*Ran all three days planned (a 3 miler, 2 miler and 5 miler)

*Didn't finish the wreath or even look at it really
*Went to town on food Saturday (China Buffet, Fair Food-funnel cake/fried green beans, plus dinner I really wasn't hungry food and pumpkin bread) Yeah, over ate a bit

Up Coming Plans for the Week:
*Get in another 3 runs
*Plan for my friend's half-er
*The wants my attention
*Less computer time, more doing stuff time
*Remember veggies are our friends and you do not have to snack because you are bored

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