Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ran Away for the Day

OH yeah!
Took the day off from work.
Ahh, freedom. You feel so nice.

 I got a bunch of things done. (I always do more on the days I take off from work than days I get off before of holidays or whatever)

*Car oil changed. (I got a nail in my tire though that they cannot patch.....sigh)
*Went to the eye doctor and now have a brand new years worth of contacts. My eyes are going to love me.
*Also got new light covers we needed to finish up with our bathroom mirror project.

Plus got to spend time with the husband and a few thousand locals. We went to a local craft market here that is kind of a big outing. I have heard about it since I moved here. So definitely had to go experience it.
It was pretty cool. Lots of vendors with their creative wares. Makes me think of all the craft projects I could be doing......but don't.

We ended up getting some metal decorations for the garden and for a great price! This seller had a line non-stop it seemed like. We got some ones in the shape of hummingbirds and dragonflies.

Here's one I got for Halloween.
Of course a kitty.

Days off are awesome!

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  1. Oh a day off during the work week! I should consider doing that, but the new evaluations downgrade you for taking more than 2 days off. :(