Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Warm-Up

It was been a wonderful Sunday because for once I did not have 5 hours of planning to do for work! I'm so free and it's so lovely.

Also there was again, the wonderful Autumn chill in the air this morning. It doesn't last but it is so wonderful.

In addition, pistachios (with their own dollar off coupon).


So how did I do keeping up with last week's plans?

Monday: Did get in a run! (err...1 mile but who's counting). Sanded the shelf/trim too!

Tuesday: Got in the trip for random items, like toothpaste, and bought some other junk of course. It was on not my fault. Also painted bathroom stuff.

Wednesday: Public speaking done! We did alright. Or at least everyone was nice and said we did good. Did get a walk in, but no run.

Thursday: We 'glued' on the shelf and trim for the bathroom. It looks awesome!

Friday: Happy Day! Didn't get too much done but happy.

Saturday: Got a walk in at the husband urging.Then random stuff.

Overall: Productive things were done. So that's good. On to the next week.

Plan for Next Week

Monday: RUN! Daily clean-up. B-day stuff. Bed sheets (wash, put away)

Tuesday: Walk/weights.Daily clean-up. Start on name project

Wednesday: Please run.Daily clean-up.  Continue name project

Thursday: Walk/weights. Daily clean-up. Continue name project

Friday: Walk. Daily clean-up. 

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