Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Warm-Up

After just over a month of work starting back, I feel like I am finally crawling out from under the avalanche.

A quick re-cap of what I have accomplished over the last month:

*Morning walks are back! It's nice and eerie out now with only a few street lamps to add to the often misty morning air. Plus sun salutations and working on push ups to wake me up.

*I signed up for 4 races (2-5ks, 1-10k and 1-12k). I plan on signing up for at least 2 more. They are spread out between October to December.

*The husband and I are both a week in on a "diet". I hate using that word, but it is what it is. More veggies and fruits with limited carbs for me. Calorie counting for him. A hungry stomach for both of us, but it is helping with our over indulgence problem.

*House projects are coming along. The garbage can and entry way shelf are done. The bathroom shelf/mirror frame is halfway done. Bushes are planted in the back, along with some grass seed. Though it's been so dry out here that everything is starting to brown. ARG!

Plans for the immediate future:
Monday-Get my butt out there and run
             Birthday cards
             Sand/paint bathroom pieces

Tuesday-Pick up some weights or something
             Store trip to pick up random needs
Wednesday-Steeling my nerves to talk in front of a group of teachers (Ahhhh...I hated Comm. 101 in                    college like everyone else for a reason
                  Run again....and again....and again!
                  Do some craft projects I have waiting

Thursday-DONE with subbing for a class. The happiness cannot be expressed
                Craft projects

           Walk to stretch the legs that probably hurt from my sudden pounce back into physically activity

Saturday-Morning run!
              (more stuff I image but I haven't planned this far-HA)

Anyhoo, to end with one of my favorite songs from the best CD created by the best band:


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  1. Talk in front of people, what is this about?
    Glad you are getting back to your actual job!
    So many races, you go girl!