Monday, July 29, 2013

Version 3.0

It is the big, medium, small 3 - 0 for me today. Depending who I talk to it is waved off as mere child's play. Or it is the end of the world and body parts will just start following off.

 It is b-i-g to me though. Sure, it might not be the Over the Hill, end of the world, doom and gloom it has been building up to. It is definitely out of the foothills and tackling the big mountain time though.

Squatting down elicits groans when it comes to straightening up. Lines don't quite bounce back and maybe are starting to stretch out.

However, I never really feel my age. I have moments of adulthood. Scorning all those young'ns with their twitter accounts and throw back 80s clothes fashions. Pondering the next step in my career. The house buying thing and wondering if I should contribute more to my retirement account (that's probably a big yes and I need to get on that).
On the other hand I still love cartoon movies, little boxes of cereals excite me and I hide from the phone.

It does seems like a great time to shake things up and get ready for 'MyNext Thirty Years'.

I have a house I want to make our own.
A masters to get to help give me options in my career.
A half marathon to conquer.
And learn how to be more proactive and productive with my time.

It is so on like Donkey Kong!

1 comment:

  1. Happy 30th Birthday!!!
    Old enough to know better still young enough to do it anyway!!!!
    Enjoy the next 30 years!