Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Netflix Find: It's always about the Mad Hatter

Just when I think that me and the SciFi SyFy Channel have nothing in common anymore, Netflix brings them back from the dead. Sure, Eurkea is fun, but generally their programming is a little past watchable. I missed out on the whole Sharknado camp too. Only saw the random jokes on the interwebs and wonder what in the blazes people have been watching on the tube.

With my trusty Netflix I can watch shows from the past though and wonder how I missed out all those years ago (Firefly--where was I when that came out, seriously?!)

On to my find:

A 2-part mini-series that is a tad more than 4 hours in all.
It is of course a reworking of the classic Alice in Wonderland tale. Alice is all grown up and more headstrong but still follows that white rabbit. (Though it did capture her boyfriend this time) So, through the looking glass she goes.

This Wonderland is more modern and steampunk inspired. The Red Queen played quite well by Katy Bates is still the villain of the land. The conflict got updated to the Red Queen kidnapping humans to drain them dry of their emotions to bottle up and feed to the wonderland inhabitants. Quirky. We like that.

Assassin Rabbit reporting for duty
Many of the original book's characters and details show up in the mini-series with their own twists that were fun to see. Though the Hare Rabbit twist is rather creepy.

The shining stars of the mini-series is definitely the Mad Hatter and the only remaining White Knight of the land. Some the other acting is rather wooden but their performances are well worth a watch. The Mad Hatter played by Andrew Lee Potts is happily sarcastic and teddy bear squishingly cute at times. The White Knight played by Matt Frewer could be called over the top by some, but I think it was what his character was all about.

Also, I just want Alice's purple coat. So reminiscent of Wilder's Wonka coat which I adore.

Wonka would approve of Wonderland

So if you are a fan of fairy tales and fantasy shows. If The 10th Kingdom was a happy fest for you, definitely give Alice a try.

They will be waiting!

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