Wednesday, July 17, 2013

If you still look pretty after a workout...

...You did not try hard enough.

My smiling only comes from the fact that it started raining drizzling for the last third of my run and really cooled things off.

IT Band runs from your hip to your knee
You'll never regret a workout, walk, run, whatever. It is so hard to get that first step out the door though. I'm doing good with my runs and I get in at least a walk on my off days. It's the adding some muscle part and stretching I've been lazing with. And I know better. My poor IT Band threw me for a loop 3 years ago. The way to combat that is not to be lazy and skip the before mentioned funness.

So how to get out there and do your thing?
The methods I have tried:

  • Have a written schedule of workouts on your calendar. Make exercise a part of your life. My people already know that yes, I will be running on certain days. No penciling it in either, write it in pen and mean it. If I have an early meeting, then I move my run to an earlier time to get it in. My other going ons don't get to interfere.

  • Get the smelly clothes out and dress the part. Okay, maybe not the smelly part. But lay your gear out, take it with you. Then get dressed. No waiting, no thinking. When the schedule says 4:00-walk. At 3:45 you better get those shoes on. During the school year, I change out at work to get me going.

  • Buddy up. Best way to keep at it is to have a friend calling you out for not being there and vis-a-versa. Don't get a buddy who will just talk you out of it though, or has too many time commitments to be faithful. That won't end well. You need someone who is motivated like you will be.

  • Websites, apps, plenty of places to track workouts. Sparkpeople is what I started with back in the day. Dailymile records mileage, Mapmyrun helps you map out mileage, 3FatChicks is a forum if you want to do some internet talking and connecting with people. If you can't connect with a people in real life, get connected and track online. 
  • Have a goal. Make a goal. Set a goal. I need a finish line to work towards. I can't just arbitrarily say I'm going to workout-yay. I need something to work towards. My main one right now is my half in January.  So find your goal. Walk 3 miles, run 3 miles. Be able to do a pull up. Hold a plank for one minute. Set a goal you can quantify. How many push ups do you want to be able to do? How many miles or how fast do you want to go?
I'm hoping this post will help me focus a bit more on my own training. Get out there and get some!

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