Sunday, July 14, 2013

I like crossing things off

Sunday update on how marvelous I am at keeping up with my to-do list.

I did pretty good, though I have to admit the husband did some of the work with the help of our friends.
It takes a village and all that you know. Go team!

So the score card:
Obliterated the termites. Done and done. Here's the sweat-inducing trenches I dug along the fence so the Ortho concentrate stuff can work it magic to the subterranean buggers. It's a thing of beauty.
The tracks the wood eaters made

Finished the framing of the third picture from last week. The one that I managed to break the glass on last week.
We got the painted picture in Cozumel, Mexico

Plant the bushes. Not so much. I moved them out from under the covered back patio so they could get some rainwater though.
Yeah, facepalm for that.

Trashcan is built thanks to the husband and our friend who owns all the tools imaginable. I just need to paint it now. I'll show it off when I get that done.

Did do laundry and cleaned up a bit. 

Pallet shelf is built, again thanks to help from the guy with the tools. It's just awaiting some stain from me.

Followed my running plain. Yes and yes.

Final score: 6 wins vs 1 lose  =

Though I guess I could note 2 of those wins need a little more work....but progress!

Upcoming battle:
Paint trashcan
Stain pallet shelf
Plant bushes
Build entryway shelf
Laundry (...again)

Pondering the To-Do List

How I keep track right now
I've been thinking about an update to my to-do list. Sure, a list on paper works just fine, but maybe I need something fancier, more organized. Or maybe I'm just over thinking this.

I am considering switching to some system that would break my day up into 3 or 4 sections. Morning, afternoon, evening and night to help manage what I want to get done during each part of the day. I'll give a few trial runs and discuss later.
Something I just like using all my time to make lists and not actually doing any of it.

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