Thursday, July 18, 2013

Flip-Flop Storage

I was creative and did my own little DIY project to help wrangle in my flip flop situation.
Before I just heaved all my footwear into a basket in my closet. While it kept them contained it was a pain matching them up again when I wanted to wear them. It was like matching socks from the dryer-so not fun.

I did a little searching on the webs to get ideas about how other people handled their shoes but nothing really interested me and I didn't really want to buy something. So I cast about my house for what I already owned and inspiration struck!

I found a left over basket that I wasn't using anymore and some long cardboard from the bed rails for the bed in the guest bedroom. (I just typed bed three times in a row...that can't be the best use of the English language).

I present my flip flop storage:

Step One:
Cut up the cardboard. I just did some guesstimating cutting. No real measuring involved unless you want to be more precise. Though I did figure out that I only needed 3 pieces in each size. Oy.

Step Two:
Cut notches into the cardboard where they will fit together. I cut the pieces to a little past halfway for each.

Step Three:
Fit cardboard pieces together to make the grid. You position the notches/cuts so one set is at the top and the other is on the bottom and they just slide into each other.

Step Four:
Wrangle the completed grid into the basket and bask in your brilliance.

You can tell that there were no rulers or measuring tape used by the un-uniformed spaces produced. But once the flip flops were in, it all worked out.

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