Wednesday, July 3, 2013

9 minute, what?

I've gotten a bit soft during the last year.
Probably year and a half....maybe even two years. With my running, that is.
It makes me cringe.

I have a new running schedule that is going to help me with my intensity though. I'm pretty good at logging miles. Not the speed part though. I keep going on and on and on about wanting to achieve a sub-2 hour half marathon. But what do I actually do to work towards that? Not much. A half hearted attempt that ended in blah last year.

Here's last years stats from the same race I'll run this year:
1:08:34 (at the split) 2:13:09 (finish) 10:10 (pace)

I generally average a 2:12. So I need to cut 12-15 minutes off. That is a minute a mile. Which is actually a lot of work for 13 miles in a row.
This is from two years ago

I am doing really good following the running schedule. This is the 2nd week and no skipped or shorted runs. Small cheer.

Another challenge I would like to add to this is an eating thing. Nothing drastic. Depriving myself of food and tracking is really not my thing. I've done both and the calorie tracking is really great, I just can't handle the tedium of it.
So to simplify, the challenge is to eat 2 fruits and/or vegetables at every meal AND snack. Any time I eat. One rule: No fried veggies/fruit. Sorry fried are delicious, but don't count towards one of the two.

Feel free to call me out on this one, to see that I am doing it.


A little something I found that has been making its rounds on the interwebs.
It's a quick, no stress, no mess 7-minute break into exercising. So if you want to get started with something, this is it. Easy-peasy, only need a chair and yourself.

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, with a 10 second break in between each. Repeat once a day.

I did this in the mornings after my walk to add a little revving up to the day.

Got the picture from LifeHacks
To read more about it, click on picture or visit the blog post from the NY Times, or the website with the study from ACSM.

Also, nifty website that does all the timing for you. You just follow along.

That's all!

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