Thursday, June 20, 2013


Embracing the internet to stay connected and record my thoughts and pictures for-ev-er. Brilliant!

Since it is summer and all, I have a few more minutes of lounging around time to use up in fun and adventurous ways. And how the internet calls to me. It wants me to divulge my random thoughts and share pictures that I will be able to Google (or whatever the next big conglomerate is) for decades hence.

Sure, sure, there is Facebook; but I want a bit more than a status update. It has to be all about me. Or mostly about me. Plus, I don't want to clog up your feeds and such.

Older photo (from KY days), but good sentiment

What exactly am I aiming to do? Will I stick with it? Why are you reading this?

Well, who really knows. I am making this up as I go.
I want to share pictures that I said I would share. Tell everyone all about my battles with the weeds. Share projects I keep saying I want to tackle. And also, maybe, this will motivate me to actually tackle said projects if someone out there is expecting an update about them.

All that, plus, you'll get to hear about my running (I know you all love that topic), what I'm reading, watching, seeing, feeling and of course, my cats!! Love them so. Except the puking part. Not so much love for that. (Which has happened twice today, FYI)

Seriously, who cannot adore Kitty Boy?

Well, that is all for now. I'll ponder what to share first. Most likely the exciting, filling of the house stuff we've been getting. Starting with the most important- nourishment.



  1. Ok, I'll bite, but I better see some pictures of completed projects and such.

  2. Wait until you see your guest bedroom. :)