Sunday, June 23, 2013

Isaac Newton Understands

I'm sure you have heard it in passing, Newton's 3 laws of motion. I'm going to completely pop culture it (dumb it down) but law one says a body in motion (or rest) stays in motion (or rest) unless an outside force acts upon it.

Definitely how I work.

The moment I sit down to relax with a little TV or the 'net- BAM -4 hours later, nothing has gotten done.
BUT, if I actually get up and going, I can ride that wave until at least lunch time.
I have the crazy habit of wanting to go on 5 mile walks after I've run 10 miles. When I'm going, I'm really going. (I have not run anywhere near 10 miles since January though)

This is what I am trying to work on. Being a wee bit more productive with my time. (Especially the whole summer gig-with all that free time to bask in)

Don't let this blog fool you. I can blog while lounging on the couch eating graham crackers in my snowflake pjs. Not much motion going on there.

So I have to get going and keep going. Give myself a plan and some motivation.

This was part of the reason I started the blog. Kind of as an outside motivator to get things done. If I put it out there that I want to do something, hopefully a little part of me will push myself to do it so I can come back with happy pictures of a job well done.

The plan for this coming week:
Run, walk, bike and build a little muscle
Plant the bushes that have been chilling on the patio for a week or two
Clean house
Picture frames (HA, this one has been waiting for over a month and a half now)
Plan some meals out
Spend some time reading
And of course have some fun and enjoy summer living

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