Monday, June 24, 2013

Eating is my Favorite

Silly tree, you are in the way
In case anyone missed the news. The husband and I bought our first house.

After 7 years of apartment dwelling we are taking ownership of our own parcel of land and lumber. Loud music and jumping around now 100% guilt free.

We moved from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house with rooms and doors and closets-oh my! Our measly stuff didn't fill half the space we have now. So, since we are all just goldfishes growing to fit the size of our bowls: We need stuff! Lots o' stuff. Okay, maybe need is a bit misleading. Want might be more accurate. Exciting either way.

You get to come along for the journey and see our new acquisitions.
We got the shelter part, so food part was next. Mainly what we will eat our food on.
Out with the old Wal-Mart special blue glass dishes that were different sizes than each other...

In with pretty new dishes and silverware.

We have managed not to break any yet either. Win.

Also, we needed a fancy new table to eat on. 

There is glass on the top. Our friends have all their table tops fitted for glass and we though that it was brilliant and will help keep the table looking snazzy and new. Also, if you can't notice we went with a counter height table. It is kind of fun to swing your legs while eating.

Bonus picture! John got a new toy. A weather radio. Now we will be prepared for tornadoes, hurricanes or alien invasions. We've been watch X-Files lately...The truth is out there.

Well, until next time you wonderful people you! 

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